Do I invoice my client?

No, we will automatically invoice your client upon work delivery.
Your funds will be transfered within 30 days.

I already request down payments from my clients. Is Seguro right for me?

Absolutely. Down payments hurt your client's cash flow, as it's no secret that businesses are accustomed to paying with net+ terms. Most companies will even refuse to work this way. Furthermore, when requesting a portion of the amount upfront, you still take the risk of not getting paid in full for your hard work.

What is our "payment guarantee"?

This is our unique payment protection tool for freelancers. We'll pay you by the invoice due date, regardless if your client has yet to pay.

How do I get paid?

You can receive payment in your preferred method - ACH, Paypal, or Venmo.

What happens if my client doesn't confirm the work?

Once we confirm the work was delivered, your client has 3 days to approve or ask for a revision. If he doesn't reply within this timeframe, the work will automaticlly be deemed as accepted & your payment is guaranteed.


Sounds great! How much does it cost?

We only charge a 3% transaction fee, limited for early access sign ups.

Do I need to run a credit check in order to use your service?


How can my client pay?

Your client can pay in various methods, such as ACH, PayPal, Venmo and of course credit card.
2.5% Service fee applies for clients paying via Paypal or credit card.

Your clients

Do my clients need to run a credit check?


My client didn't like my work. What happens then?

In case of a dispute over work products, we will evaluate the SOW and our panel of work experts will decide whether the agreed terms were met. Of course, this is a last resort and we encourage focusing on high success rates by communicating correctly and matching expectations. Our detailed SOW framework will ensure that these cases are reduced to a bare minimum.

Do my clients need to sign up as well?

No. They aren’t required to sign up to our platform or download any app.

So what do my clients see?

They receive a Seguro SOW (scope of work) straight to their email in order to review and confirm the project, as well as the payment terms.

Do you interact with my clients?

Yes, we will send standard reminders to ensure proper payment. As a well financed company we can offer flexibility if your client is struggling with cash flow, this as welll as our professional approach, preserves good relations with your clientele.